Active Child Releases New Album ‘In Another Life’

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Patrick Grossi, better known as Active Child, has released his new album In Another Life. The 10-track album combines soulful and subdued vocals with lush, shimmering production built around strings and piano.

Much like James Blake, his voice is pitched up and matches the soaring melodies sprinkled underneath. Song vary in energy and production like on “All Eyes On You” that calls back slightly to Tupac's “All Eyes On Me” in the hook and is punctuated by a beautiful harp at the end. There are gentle, whispering songs like “Color Me,” or the uptempo “Weightless.” Grossi attempts to tackle themes like life, death and his own journey as a new father within the endless life cycle going round and round.

"Brighter Days" has a message that may not have been designed for now, but it works well for a world in pandemic. He implores us to lean on each other in these hard times and brighter days will come. There is a hopeful feel to the full album.

The entire project took five years to make and a lot happened in that time.

“My life has unfurled in such marvelously unexpected ways in these past five years, and it’s filled my work with a sense of real purpose. This new album is my first attempt at understanding the wonder and mystery of it all,” Active Child explains.

There is a nice balance between soft and mellow piano & string classical songs and more uptempo, almost pop tracks to provide the listener with different looks through the record.

Listen to the full project now and get a copy here.