ADULT.’s ‘Perception is/as/of Deception’ Is The Soundtrack For The End Of Days

Doom electro-punk outfit ADULT. have released their new album Perception is/as/of Deception.

Their eighth album over a several decade career, ADULT. bring the listener into what they have done best. The album channels the pain and agony of the world into music with its grating synths, heavy drums and industrial noise emanating from the back of the mix. It is dark and brooding with powerful walls of noise driving Nicola Kuperus’s voice as she sings about the ills of the world.

In the end, this is an album that fits the time. They aren’t doing anything totally new, but it feels more urgent as many face down the end of days in a deadly pandemic. This is an album for darkness with one light hanging above you. It is another reminder that your days may be numbered, but you should still dance.

Listen to the full album below and get your copy here via Dais Records.