Album Review: Keinemusik – Send Return

Keinemusik has released their new album Send Return. The collective of &ME, Adam Port and Rampa released their debut You Are Safe four years ago and now have another album in the books. The three artists’ profiles have grown considerably over the past decade together and on their own, which has led to even more focused attention on their productions.

The trio of DJs have been a big part of the resurgence of melodic house music. This project allows them to indulge that, while also exploring some different musical avenues. Send Return opens with some breaks on the title track to give the listener a sense that this will be slightly different. They then settle into some soft and soulful house music with the help of Ali Love on “Confusion.” The three men then cede the thematic control to Nomi Ruiz with “Pussy Power” about female empowerment.

There are then a couple of slow-burning melodic house tracks, including a collaboration with Solomun. The trio turns up the energy on “Paris” with more upbeat drums and melodies, like a whirlwind trip around Paris in two days, anchored by Starving Yet Full’s voice.

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Album Review: Keinemusik – Send Return


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They go back to the smooth, melodic records on “What You Expected,” built around a synth melody that you will hear echoing around your head for a while. The album then ends on a very different note, turning towards 80’s synth-pop with “Pay To Play.”

Keinemusik give the people what they know and want with this album, while also exploring new avenues in synth-pop and breaks. Get your copy of the album here.