Berlin Duo BLYNE Release Psychedelic New EP ‘Ethereal’

With the aim to convey their own definition of contemporary Pop MusicBerlin-based electro-pop duo BLYNE released their second studio EP Ethereal. The project blends ethereal sonics and ambient synths with indie-pop leaning guitars and vocal hooks. It's a unique project born out of the musical melting pot of Berlin, laced with analogue synth improvisation and elements of hyperpop-esque production. 

Highlights on the EP come from electro-indie-pop anthem "Randomness," dreamy acoustic guitar-driven single "Religion" and the delicate, yet moody "Drum n Heaven." BLYNE have found the perfect balance between creating an eternal world of their own with ambient synths and soundscapes and a more familiar pop-centred songwriting with the use of acoustic guitars and infectious vocal hooks. It's a hard project to pin down. There is a hint of modern psychedelia throughout, though the production elements lean towards the electronic space. It's a glorious blur of compositions that refuses to be boxed in.

Speaking on their new EP Ethereal, the Berlin duo described their vision was, "to reflect on big and timeless topics of love, spirituality and the experience of dream logic. At some point we decided to embrace the weirdness sinking into our own idea of what it means to be producing human pop music.“

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Berlin Duo BLYNE Release Psychedelic New EP ‘Ethereal’


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Listen to Ethereal below.

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