DMVU Unleashes New Seven-Track Dubstep EP ‘Chemicals’

After the success of this summer's "Chemicals," the producer behind it, DMVU, returns to the bass and dubstep stage with the rest of the EP. Taking on the same name and adding in a further six tunes, it was written after the Colorado artist just finished a tour with Dirt Monkey. 

Striking and bold in its sound design, he meanders between future bass and dubstep with ease and assertiveness, having been stuck in somewhat of a rut. 

He reveals: "One day I just kind of started sampling obscure things, like fax machines, telephones, dolphins (lol) and doing a lot of crazy processing on all of it. All of a sudden I had an amalgamation of sounds that just seemed kind of over-the-top. After some fine-tuning I started putting them over these really slow drums I had been making and low and behold, the Chemicals EP came into fruition. I got to test them all on the tour I did after that and people were very receptive. I’m glad some distorted 808s and seal noises get the kids as hype as I get.”

From the package, we particularly enjoy the robotic energy of "Computer Beats" and some vocal-led power on "Up In Discussion." 

Hear Chemicals below and get a copy here via Wakaan.