HEDEGAARD changes his tune with hard-hitting ‘INFERNO / Ratchets’ EP

Danish producer HEDEGAARD makes a striking comeback with his latest EP, featuring two dynamic tracks: the new “INFERNO” and the previously released “Ratchets.”

Since his breakthrough remix of “The Next Episode,” the young Dutchman has consistently produced massive hits, amassing an astonishing 1.4 billion streams across his catalog. His wide discography includes chart-topping tracks like “Happy Home” with Lukas Graham and “Twerk It Like Miley” featuring Brandon Beal and Christopher.

This EP showcases HEDEGAARD’s pioneering “car music” style, a fusion of urban and EDM elements set to a distinctive 100 BPM rhythm. This signature sound first captivated audiences in 2011 and has continued to grow and evolve since. “INFERNO” sets the tone with its foreboding beats, robotic vocals, and bone-rattling basslines, creating a unique, video game-like atmosphere. This is followed by “Ratchets,” a more club-ready track with rap-inspired hooks and compelling rhythmic beats.