Picture of D.J.C. “Sexy House Thang”

Indulge In Uplifting Escapism With D.J.C.’s Groovy Single: “Sexy House Thang”

D.J.C. drops the highly anticipated single “Sexy House Thang” under a sub-imprint of his company; NexGen Music called Affectionate Grooves. Accompanied by animated visuals created by Neil Sanford, the track, featuring Bijoux, is about exuding feel-good vibes with the intention of spreading positive energy to counteract the negative aspects plaguing the world. The multi-talented producer  creates a full-on escapism experience through his song, allowing listeners to forget their troubles and give in to the rhythm. 

“Sexy House Thang” honors the essence of funky, Latin, and jazz-infused house music, skillfully sidestepping the clichéd “EDM-style” trends saturating the current scene. The visually stunning collaboration with Neil Sanford proved to be an exhilarating journey, navigating through numerous iterations before attaining the perfect direction. Thankfully, their decade-long friendship and seamless chemistry made the process smoother, resulting in a truly gratifying and exceptional project.

The creation of the track involved collaboration with Bijoux and other talented musicians. Each artist had the freedom to improvise without prior knowledge of what the others contributed, evolving into a harmonically-rich composition. Blending different instruments like saxophones, keyboards, and electric guitars to create a cohesive sonic experience was both fun and daunting for D.J.C. The process took several months, but the end result was something he’s incredibly proud of. 

Marking D.J.C. ‘s debut release under his new artist alias, “Sexy House Thang,” promises to delight, ignite love, and seduce listeners into embracing its alluring vibes. With an exuberant celebration of positivity, it beckons everyone to immerse themselves in its uplifting ambiance and get lost in a euphoric journey.


Watch Behind-the-Scenes footage below: