Isolation Ambient Music: Laurel Halo – Possessed

We continue a bountiful week of isolation ambient music with another soundtrack done by electronic producer Laurel Halo. The soundtrack was done for 2018 experimental documentary Possessed by Dutch design collective Metahaven, produced in collaboration with Rob Schröder and Dutch Mountain Films. This was her first foray into writing music for film and with her talent, it was no surprise she did so well.

The film looks at how technology is shaping and tracking our lives. How are we tracking ourselves on social media, how are cameras always being used to surveil us on the streets, in our homes, in stores and in the end, who is looking out for you? That unease is felt in the soundtrack that plays with tension and release as subtle and soothing strings can clash with experimental noise.

There are heart-wrenching strings on “Zeljava” or low-lying pads on “Breath” like you are sitting in the back of a large gothic church or beautiful, flowing piano on “Marbles" that all provide depth and variance to the record.

The “Rome Theme” pieces build in speed and urgency as the album progresses from soft strings to trembling piano that could be the climax of a silent film.

The score was originally written in 2016-17 with cello and string production by Oliver Coates, violin done by Galia Bisengalieva and additional production and mixing by Paul Corley.

Listen to the full 32-minute score below and get your copy here via The Vinyl Factory.

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