Kaytranada Releases New EP ‘Intimidated’ With Mach-Hommy, Thundercat, H.E.R.

Kaytranada didn’t want to let 2021 go without a new project. Today he has released a new three-track EP titled Intimidated featuring H.E.R., Thundercat and Mach-Hommy.

As Kaytranada said today, his beats often need vocalists and this EP is an example of how well his beats go with a wide variety of singers and rappers. The opener and title track “Intimidated” with H.E.R. is a melodic and emotional examination of the tentative nature of love with the song's piano and H.E.R.’s voice floating along. Thundercat keeps that vibe going with his own cooing voice, to create a slow and soulful heater for cuddling up with your boo. Mach-Hommy, who put out one of the best rap albums of the year in May, wears his Haitian heritage with pride, mixing up the languages, gliding his effortless flow over a great beat from Kaytranada.

Kaytranada brings together some of music’s recent MVPs into a new project. Each song has its own distinct feel, while still remaining in the Kaytranada musical universe. Kaytranada’s sphere of influence continues to grow with bigger projects and collaborations. The EP is smooth, soulful and fun as Kaytranada keeps things warm into the winter.

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Kaytranada Releases New EP 'Intimidated' With Mach-Hommy, Thundercat, H.E.R.

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Get your copy of Intimidated here.