KSHMR releases powerful and personal single ‘Happy’ featuring Tiina ahead of Ultra Music Festival

KSHMR teams up again with Finnish singer-songwriter Tiina for his latest single “Happy,” a track that delves deep into the process of transforming trauma into empowerment and peace. This collaboration, marked by Tiina’s soulful vocals and the dark, energetic chords and melodies that KSHMR is known for, reflects a complex emotional and sonic journey. The lyrics, penned by KSHMR, reveal a story of overcoming trauma and finding a form of twisted zen in the aftermath, all within the framework of a dance song. “The lyrics are about being numbed by trauma and emerging with a twisted sense of zen,” KSHMR reveals, Tiina’s soulful delivery complements this theme, turning KSHMR’s deeply personal lyrics into a universal message of overcoming adversity. “To me, the song is about using hard times as fuel,” Tiina reflects on the track’s exploration of finding strength in vulnerability. The union of dark, Phrygian chords and deep lyrics against the backdrop of KSHMR’s pristine production flawlessly blends emotional depth with global main stage energy.

The first time fans can hear “Happy” live, will be at KSHMR’s upcoming performance at the Ultra Music Festival this weekend.