LSDXOXO Free, Club-Ready Mixtape ‘Waiting 2 Exhale’

LSDXOXO has released a new free mixtape Waiting 2 Exhale. It is available to stream in full on SoundCloud in a continuous format. LSDXOXO has made the mixtape available to download for free and listeners can donate on Paypal.

If you need 20 minutes of exquisitely crafted club music in your life to make you feel like you are back on the dancefloor, this is for you. Find a place to dance and throw this on. It is danceable, sexy and downright fun blending R&B, house, hip-hop, ballroom and more. There are tracks like “Shit Hits Difference” and “Dick Like Crack” that some of you may think is relatable, but it probably isn’t.

Listen to the full mixtape below.

0:00 – Interlude/Good Girl
3:25 – Dick Like Crack
6:30 – Sis, Don’t Spiral
8:21 – Summer In The West
10:17 – Shit Hits Different
11:43 – Taking Me High
14:13 – Coming Down
16:14 – To The Gods