Multidisciplinary Artist Eli Fola Releases Compelling EP ‘Soundscape to Freedom’

Multidisciplinary artist Eli Fola recently released the eclectic and captivating EP Soundscape to Freedom. Born in Nigeria, Fola eventually immigrated to New York City where he started his techno and Afro house label Techafrique. The label's mission is to promote progressive black ideas. 

Making his musical debut in 2016, Fola followed this up by his appearance at TEDxCUNY where he gave an invigorating performance and delivered an informative talk on how to highlight and reconcile differences in culture and identity. Since 2016, Fola has performed at events such as Art Basel, while sharing the staged with massive names such as Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and ASAP Rocky. 

Released on Techafrique, Soundscape to Freedom is a powerful six track EP that serves as a further testament to Fola's musical talent. As implied by its title, Soundscape to Freedom is a "kaleidoscopic cultural lens" for what it’s like to be a black person living in America in 2020. An homage to our country's current racial challenges and injustices, Eli seamlessly merges a myriad of genres including electronica, house music, jazz, spoken word, and classical music with traditional Nigerian sounds to deliver a dynamic and invigorating sonic experience. Paving a path for himself through his own genre which he aptly calls "Yoruba Tech Soul," Fola combines compelling spoken word with catchy house beats and impressive saxophone playing to relay his own unique experience.   

The six track EP fuses spell binding rhythms, house beats, jazzy flavors, and poetic vocals to take listeners on a truly one of a kind musical journey. Commencing with the pensive "Blackness Be Divine" and "Ancestral Guide" featuring gifted poet and playwright Cyrus Aaron, Soundscape to Freedom then works its way into the groovy and mystical "Midnight Fall." "Then We Dance" features hypnotic rhythms and ingenious saxophone. Soundscape to Freedom ends with the Afrobeat-influenced and poetry-driven "Black Royalty" as well as an instrumental version of "Blackness Be Divine."

Drenched in emotional fervor and relevancy, Soundscape to Freedom takes its listeners on a stirring musical journey. Combining mesmerizing beats with stimulating subject matter, poetic spoken word, and impressive saxophone playing, Fola further proves his talent as a gifted musician and storyteller. 

Get your copy of the EP here.