Nick Murphy & The Program Release Dusty, Soothing Album Together ‘Take In The Roses’

Nick Murphy has joined forces with a new band featuring Nick Kinsey (Waxahatchee, Kevin Morby), Jake Falby (Chet Faker, Julie Byrne), Tim Lappin and Tim Mislock to create an album as Nick Murphy & The Program titled Take In The Roses.

The album was written and recorded pre-pandemic at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, TX. The impact of that small town South West of El Paso along the Mexican border is evident. Take In The Roses is a bit different from Murphy has done before, using more guitars to accentuate soft percussion and vocal harmonies. His own voice anchors the project that feels designed for long, flat, dusty roads and glowing, sandy sunsets. There are moments of long instrumental bliss like “Things,” while also gentle introspection like on the title track or “Feels Like Coming Home.”

Produced by Dave Harrington, this project brings something new to the table for all of the artists involved. It is quiet and soothing, but also fun.

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Nick Murphy & The Program Release Dusty, Soothing Album Together 'Take In The Roses'

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“This record is important for a lot of reasons,” says Murphy. “But if I had to choose one, it’s that it was fun to make.”

Nick Murphy & The Program combine on an album that shows new sides of the musicians, while also honing in on something special. This seems like a partnership that could yield something special. Get your copy here.