ODESZA & Golden Features Releases Debut BRONSON Album

ODESZA and Golden Features have released their debut self-titled album as BRONSON. A cross-Pacific collab that took place primarily over Facetime calls and email, but cemented during a 2018 trip to Berry, Australia, the new album presents a slightly different look at each of their music, while combining much of what makes their music each so singularly popular and unique.

If your expectations are for the soaring, glittering melodies from In Return, turn around and take a seat. Go and listen to some Golden Features first and get into that mindset. Some intricate melodies are woven into this project, notably on tracks like “CALL OUT, which feels like one of the most “ODESZA” track on here next to “HEART ATTACK,” but it is primarily tougher electro that is similar to what Golden Features has done.

“TENSE” could be a cut from a Gessafelstein album, while “CONTACT” is a mid-tempo heater that sees all three producers really go dark and gritty.

Will this Bronson album soar to the same heights as an ODESZA record? Probably not and the pandemic won’t help since there aren’t festivals with drone shows and marching bands to support, but it gives them something different to offer for their legacy and when shows do eventually return.

This may not have been intentional from BRONSON, but the album fits with what we are dealing with. Things aren’t happy now and this album isn’t exactly meant for the dancefloor either. It has moments to ponder your own life and a potential better world like on the closer “DAWN,” but it is tough and gritty like what we must do to get through the predicament we are in today.

Pick up a copy of the album here and stream the project below.