Premiere: Kideko Adds New Wave Touch To CHANEY ‘What U Need’

We have a meeting of the minds from two rising UK producers today on this premiere. Swindon native CHANEY released his single “What U Need” earlier this year on Skint Records and now it gets a remix from his countryman Kideko.

Kideko flips the piano house record on its head into something fun and a bit different. The producer adds a chugging blend of 80’s new wave and modern progressive house. It is the little synth motif on top of the rolling new-wave that makes this song as good as it is.

That throwback feeling was intention from Kideko who felt the vocal matched the vibe he was going for.

"I wanted to make something that sounded like a throwback because the vocal felt like it would lend itself well to that,” explains Kideko. “I’ve always loved 80s sounds, so I went with that vibe and had loads of fun doing it.”

The Kideko remix of “What U Need” will be released tomorrow, April 10 via Skint. Until then, stream it below.