Premiere: Matt Doe Goes Hard With "KICKIN’ BACK" For EP On Underdog Records

Just about to land tomorrow as the latest addition to Protohype's Underdog Records catalogue is the WHATCHU LOOKIN' AT EP, created and produced by Canadian bass talent Matt Doe. 

Only the second artist aside from Protohype himself to release on the platform, Doe has stayed true to his unique creative vision with this project and he reveals: So, this whole thing started with the simple idea of touching areas and sub-genres I haven’t really been comfortable working with yet; from heavy dubstep to weird trap and old school dubstep. I also figured, as much as these times have been weird for all of us, I didn’t want to let it affect my creativity and get 'stuck' in the process. I moved forward with the mindset of 'I’ll see wherever this goes.'

Most of the tracks ended up sounding much different than I anticipated but this has been something that I enjoyed from a lot of my previous releases, but nothing so far has turned out like the songs on this EP, lol. I’m glad to have explored these kinds of vibes and I’m very excited to play them out."

"KICKIN' BACK" has particularly caught our attention with its energetic trap vibes and classic rave sound that he switches between with ease. We have its exclusive premiere below and definitely recommend listening to the EP in full when it arrives, tomorrow, October 23. Pre-save it here.