Review: Joey Pecoraro Shares Joyous, Nostalgic New Album ‘Sea Monster’

Michigan producer Joey Pecoraro says he writes music for happiness and with a new album Sea Monster he has done just that. The album was written during the cold Michigan winter, but it taps into the sort of emotions many are seeking out in the midst of a pandemic and riotous police forces.

“Writing this album reminded me of when I was a little kid, at a time when everything I was experiencing felt new and exciting,” says Pecoraro. It is playful, joyous and nostalgic. It uses a few spoken word segments to emphasize the life of a kid growing up. He blends trip-hop with house, chilled out electronica, ambient textures and a shimmering pop glean over the top of it. There are even moments of drum and bass and jungle sprinkled in.

But the impact of nostalgia is where this album really settles in. It makes you feel like a kid again, with melodies that can mimic lullabies and playful drum patterns that walk you down to a shimmering lake. His music is meant to bring joy and Sea Monster does just that.

The title comes from a child’s imagination about what could be at the bottom of a lake.

“I love to swim and I grew up around fresh-water lakes,” Pecoraro recalls. “I was always pretty sure there was some sort of menacing creature in the water when I would go too deep, probably on account of watching too many movies like Jaws and Creature from the Black Lagoon. I realize now that it was all my imagination, but it felt so real and I was so thoroughly convinced at the time…When we are young, things seem a lot scarier to us than they actually turn out to be.”

Stream the full record now and get your copy here via Alpha Pup Records.