Sailot & I Releases New Indie Dance Album ‘Diving For Lost Treasure’

Swedish multi-instrumentalist, Sailor & I, real name Alexander Sjödin, has released his new album Diving For Lost Treasure. A collection of 10 indie dance gems of all shapes and sizes, the Sailor & I says that these are for "for lovers, of all ages, who are keen to explore all sides of life and who even dare enough to Dive For Lost Treasure within themselves."

Creating this album forced him to go back to an instrument he hadn’t used in years – his first instrumental guitar. It gave him fresh perspective on producing and songwriting.

“Releasing a track with only a solo guitar was like going back to where I once started musically and gave me a lot of new perspectives on songwriting and producing. I realized that I had stories to tell that were important for me on a personal level,” explains Sailor & I in a statement. “Making an album with these stories would be the ultimate way to face myself and to deal with the challenges I’ve been through most recently.”

There are some songs that pulsate with subtle energy like “Thinking About You,” while others lead you to a thoughtful place like “Lost Youth.” Pick up your copy of the project here and listen below. 

Diving For Lost Treasure follows his 2017 LP The Invention Of Loneliness. Just like his previous work, there were loads of remixes and this project seems like it would lend itself to plenty of those this time around.