Sultan + Shepard lengthen ‘Endless, Dawn’ rollout with mixtape ID-turned-single, ‘En’

Back in November, Sultan + Shepard had already put the plan in motion to likely guarantee a spot in Dancing Astronaut‘s favorite albums of the year for a third time in four calendars. With Endless, Dawn officially a month and a half away, the duo has completed a single trifecta on This Never Happened with “En.”

On first listen, “En” should seem recognizable considering its appearance in Lane 8’s “Winter 2023 Mixtape” alongside the album’s first single “Under The Surface” as well as one of Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated IDs of 2024, “All I Know” with Julia Church. And it now joins that Nathan Nicholson pairing as well as “Falling Behind” with Panama to give a third distinctive look at Sultan + Shepard’s incoming LP on our reigning Label of the Year, joining as the first instrumental single and offering a more kinetic production lens that adds yet another dimension to Endless, Dawn‘s tracklist.

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