The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of August 2020

As we head into sweater weather and kiss what has been a rather wearying summer goodbye, we can’t help but feel a sense of wistfulness as we think of all the missed festivals and escapades we normally associate with the hotter months. While we may be missing those treasured summer nights and sense of spontaneity, we enter autumn carrying an air of melancholy, but also a hope that things may get back to normal if we continue to work together to be safe, sensible, and mindful of one another. With all the craziness in the world, the one thing we can rely on constantly is music, and there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of quality releases since lockdown began back in March. Here, find our favorite new releases from August, capturing a lot of the feelings we associate with looking back at the squandered-yet-salvaged summer of 2020.

1. Redeyes & Monty – “Belong” (The North Quarter) 

French producer and mixing engineer extraordinaire teamed up with fellow Frenchman Monty this month for the illustrious “Belong”. Released on Lenzman’s esteemed The North Quarter imprint, this charming and elegant number delivers the ultimate peaceful, rainy-day, oncoming autumn vibes.

2. Edlan – “Take A Bow” (Liquicity) 

Nothing has us feeling blue about summer quite like thinking about Liquicity Festival, one of the year’s utmost highlights. Dutch producer Edlan delivers absolutely stunning liquid vibes on the esteemed label with “Take A Bow” that perfectly captures everything we’re feeling with elegance and charm. Euphoric and emotional, this one tugs at the heartstrings in all the best ways.

3. Banditt & Disrupta – “Sunshine Riddim” (Outset Audio)

As the name might suggest, this one is a ray of sunshine from start to finish. Eloquent and uplifting, Banditt & Disrupta’s “Sunshine Riddim” is the perfect farewell to summer track. Equal parts sultry and sedative with elegant piano and enigmatic vocals throughout, this is an absolute class tune!

4. Turtleneck feat. Madrush MC – “Rollin’ Thru” (Drippyboii)

Bass house & tech producer Turtleneck surprised fans with a drum & bass release this month with the dark & vibey “Rollin’ Thru.” Together with Mancunian Madrush MC, this sombre roller leaves us hoping to see more drum & bass from Turtleneck in the future.

5. North Base feat. The Melody Men – “Light It Up” (Viper) 

North Base teamed up with The Melody Men for “Light It Up” on Viper Recordings. Receiving huge daytime radio support from the likes of Annie Mac and MistaJam, this one is uplifting, colorful, and oh-so-catchy – a definitive summer anthem!

6. Something Something – “Another Reason” feat. Nicole Thalia (Elevate) 

An exciting newcomer to the scene, Something Something made her UKF debut this month with “Another Reason.” A nostalgic tune with a soulful backbone, the track pays homage to the genre with a fresh twist and is an instant classic.

7. DRS & Dynamite – “Joint Venture” feat. Calibre (Hospital) 

Legendary MCs DRS & Dynamite teamed up for an incredible LP on Hospital this month, which is absolutely chocked full of goodies, one of several standouts being “Joint Venture.” Together with fellow legend Calibre, the three come together for an empowering, soulful, and moving number that exceeds all expectations. Blissful and relaxed, DRS and Dynamite deliver vibes on vibes on vibes!

8. MUZZ – “The Warehouse” feat. PAV4N & Miss Trouble (Monstercat) 

Another tease taken from his debut album, MUZZ released this single at the start of August featuring two of the scene’s most iconic vocalists, Foreign Beggars’ PAV4N and Viper’s Miss Trouble for one seriously wicked result. Loud, dynamic, and expertly crafted, this is one of MUZZ’s best works to date and a strong indicator of the quality to be expected from his album.

9. Jolliffe & Terror – “Critters” (Delta9)

This sinister number comes courtesy of Jolliffe and Terror as part of the former’s Critters EP on Italy’s Delta 9 Records this month. Menacing and deep, the track stands out for its crisp sounds and murky ambiance, and definitely conjures images of the classic 80s film of the same name.

10. Mollie Collins – “Love on the Line” (Right Good Records) 

Released on her very own Right Good Records, Mollie Collins gave August the jumpstart it needed with “Love on the Line.” An electrifying record with catchy vocals and exhilarating drops, “Love on the Line” is everything we love about the genre and proves that Mollie Collins shouldn’t be underestimated.

11. Krakota – “Pull Me In” feat. Karina Ramage (Drum&Bass Arena) – From the man behind such timeless tracks as “In The Area” and “Elastic” comes a new future classic, “Pull Me In”. Featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Karina Ramage, this colourful, eclectic number is sure to put a spring in your step.

12. Maduk – “Go Back To The Jungle” (Liquicity) 

An infectious bop in typical Maduk fashion, “Go Back To The Jungle” was quite the surprise this month. While the track is full of the label founder’s signature charms, the track also has an almost Fox Stevenson-esque twist to it that is full of vibrant, feel-good energy while it could still destroy a dancefloor – the ultimate festival jam!

13. Coastal – “Don’t Want Your Love” (YANA Music) – 

Making his debut on Toronto Is Broken’s YANA Music, the budding Dutch producer Coastal made waves this month with “Don’t Want Your Love”. Full-bodied and rich, this ardent dancefloor number is sure to put Coastal on the map.

14. Killbox – “Mutiny” (RAM) 

Ed Rush and Audio, collectively known as Killbox, return to home label RAM this month with “Mutiny.” A colossal record in every sense, Killbox prove they’re a collaborative force to be reckoned with once more, building ample excitement for their second album on the prestigious imprint.

15. High Contrast – “Time Is Hardcore” feat. Kae Tempest and Anita Blay (3Beat)

This new one from High Contrast is full of old school flavor, with Kae Tempest and Anita Blay on vocal duties, and is seriously special. With a full-length album on the way before the end of the year, High Contrast certainly never disappoints, and this poignant number is no exception. 

That's all for this  month, but be sure to check out past selections and our SoundCloud playlist below.