The Best 15 Disco & Funk Tracks of April 2020

Considering the extraordinary time we are living in, we all need the release that music provides and these 15 artists are giving us just what we need to make our days a little brighter! Thanks to Joey Negro, Anoraak, and Pat Lok, along with some fantastic new artists to the chart, you will be able to lose yourself to the music, even if it's just for a little while.

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1. Joey Negro – Let’s Get Ornery

Joey Negro is a house music staple, and "Let's Get Ornery" reminds us of why he has been such a successful DJ/Producer for so many years. This track is bangingly funky in all the right places. At 4:06, the track sweeps you into a classic disco vibe that can't be denied! You will find this on the fantastic 50th Razor-N-Tape release, 50 Discos Deep.

2. Discoholic – Discadance

Discoholic is back to make you groove with "Discadance" from their upcoming second album Discoholics Anonymous. Discoholic makes piano synths sound funky and even a little dirty, in the best possible way. If this track is any indication of what to expect out of the new album, consider me waiting with bated breath for this one!

3. Jafunk & DiRTY RADiO – The Baddest

"The Baddest" is a sexy track, period. Jafunk & DiRTY RADiO hit ya with a solid bassline to get the groove started and then layer on the sweetest vocals to get you fully in the mood. These artists are great on their own, but it's the chocolate in peanut butter combo that makes it all delicious!

4. Brwn Luxxry – Mr. DJ Please

Jeremiah Red & Friend Of Sarah Connor are on fire right now. This release for Midnight Riot's Disco Made Me Do It Vol. 3 EP is only the fourth release by this wonder duo and they show no signs on slowing down. It is these artists' mission to burn down the dancefloor with disco tracks that are guaranteed to become classics! "Mr. DJ Please" indeed!

5. Marc Leclercq – With You

Marc Leclercq's "With You" is a ray of sunshine in a very dreary 2020. This track bubbles with happiness and is a great example that a song doesn't need complex lyrics to tell you what it is saying. We all want to be with each other right now, but until then, let's enjoy "With You" together!

6. The Funk District – Don Don Baby

The Funk District are making good on their name with "Don Don Baby," which is pure funk gold from the opening notes. This track is a little bit of everything we love about disco/funk, it has moments of pure disco, splashed with some cosmic space sounds, all bound together by a driving bass line. Plugin your LED disco light and let's party!

7. Rafael Fernandez – Margarita's Disco Machine

As Liz Lemon would say, "I want to go there…" is how I feel about "Margarita's Disco Machine." The funk is going to keep you moving non-stop and some jangly guitars are a welcome addition to the mix. Rafael Fernandez is feeling right at home on Monsieur Van Pratt's Super Spicy label, continuing to represent all that Mexican heat! Both sides of the Lady DD EP are super hot, so grab a copy while you still can!

8. Paul Older – Sax Francisco

"Sax Francisco" takes us right back to the early '70s with no stops in between. Paul Older is no stranger to these charts, but the flavor of this track is definitely a fun change from his usual disco goodness. This is a pure love affair with the saxophone and harkens back to a time where the afro, butterfly collars and bell bottoms were king. Coo choo kids, let's climb aboard the funk train to "Sax Francisco"!

9. Pat Lok - Salvation

Pat Lok is at his smoothest with his latest track "Salvation" from his upcoming Gone Is Yesterday EP. This is a very sexy nu-disco/R&B addition to Pat Lok's already prolific catalog, so make sure to listen to it with someone you like to boogie with. Sparks are bound to fly!

10. Anoraak - GANG feat. Sarah Maison

Anoraak is back, and not a moment too soon! "GANG" is a collaboration with Sarah Maison providing the sultry vocals. Let's face it, everything sounds good when said in French. This track is just part of the excellent GANG EP on Yuksek's PartyFine label. As a bonus, Anoraak made the GANG Mixtape, which you can find on Magnetic Magazine's SoundCloud page here:

11. Fizzikx – Calling You

Igor Gonya's Sundries label is stacked with talent and Fizzikz's "Calling You" is another beautiful example of an immediately engaging disco gem. This track has a classic disco vibe to it, with bright horns playing nicely with strings and plunky bass notes. Grab the Sunny Beach EP and dream of days on the beach of the future.

12. I.M. YONI – Perfect Place feat. Yasmin (Toucan Sounds Edit)

Fronted by British vocalist/DJ Yasmin, I.M Yoni is a group of female artists who have banded together to address gender equality, and have created a track that is as sensual as it is danceable. The Toucan Sounds crew have put their expert touch on the mix, and the result is a nu-disco track you will want to listen to on repeat!

13. Adam Nova – Moovin & Groovin

Like the song says, "Gotta Keep On Groovin." With the world keeping us locked in our homes, it's never been more important to keep the body moving. Adam Nova has given a super funky reason to get off the couch and let the music take you to your happy place. Check out the release on M2MR now! 

14. Jazzman Wax – The Mission

A decidedly jazzy edge is what makes the super funky Jazzman Wax's "The Mission" shine! The sound reminds me of the brilliant acid jazz acts of the early '90s, and the sound is refreshingly welcome. As a frequent collaborator to some of today's hottest artists, this track lets Jazzman take the well-deserved spotlight for himself.

15. Arsenii – Walter's Afternoon 

Rounding out the chart this month is the Arsenii edit of Black Mohogani's "Moodymann." Arsenii took the best from the original, added a glossy sheen of disco, and renamed it "Walter's Afternoon." Arsenii's approach is dramatic but blows in like a warm summer breeze. This is another track from the excellent Fifty Discos Deep EP on Razor-N-Tape, which means you should probably buy it!

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