UK Lo-Fi, Neo-Soul Artist Webmoms Shares Lush EP ‘Ruchikar’

The project of multi-instrumentalist and all-round musical force of nature Karum Cooper, Webmoms is a brand new alias focused on creating smooth, lo-fi hip-hop & neo-soul.

As an artist, Cooper’s output to date has been minimal but effective. His first official outing was a collaboration with Delayde on legendary label Chillhop Records, which has racked up over 400k streams. The new EP sees the producer-songwriter take the lead with his own blends of jazz, soul, hip-hop & electronica on a genuinely unique new project.

As an artist, Webmoms comes with a wealth of experience from different musical journeys. He first cut his teeth as a guitarist in an influential alt-rock band, where he went on to tour across Europe. He’s since performed in various bands and played as a session musician for a number of artists, before focusing his energy on his own project.

Upon listening to the EP, you’re immediately invited to recline on your seat and let the music swell across you. It’s a project for lazy summer days, rather than hedonistic evenings. The project starts with the appropriately named "Summer Salad," an instrumental gem that immediately showcases Cooper’s incredible musicianship. The EP rolls through smooth, organic percussive gems, with lush vocal features from Taurri, Andres, Ky Williams and Maddy. There’s a consistent and genuine production style throughout, more focused on organic layers than electronic elements. Tracks such as "Pasta Bake" and "Rhumba No.4" illustrate this perfectly, both are unbelievably catchy songwriting, with a gloriously simple production combining elements of soul and zazz.

It’s a lush, nuanced and totally unique project from a truly exciting new artist. Speaking on the new EP, Webmoms states:

"Ruchikar is a collection of noodles and doodles made over the COVID-19 lockdown period earlier this year – musically inspired by the peace and lack of footfall we saw down here in Cornwall.

I got in touch with a few friends – Taurri; with whom I'd just set up a Bristol based music collective (which is how I came to know Maddy). Andrés and Novels are two good friends I know from my years performing with my band Hypophora.

It's a body of work I never considered being released as an EP but in hindsight made absolute sense.

There's a lot more where that came from."