Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Ryan Tedder tease sequel to “Calling” after 11 years

Eleven years ago, Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Ryan Tedder released one of the most iconic dance music songs of all time, “Calling (Lose My Mind).” Ryan Tedder hopped on the track in 2012 after Alesso and Ingrosso dropped the instrumental in 2011, and since then nothing has been the same.

Alesso and Ingrosso haven’t made a song together since, but Tedder wants that to change. He recently shared the song on Instagram and said, “Still love this one.. should we do another?” while tagging the two producers. Alesso then shared it on his own story with an emphatic, “Let’s do it!” again tagging Ingrosso.

Typically when we see this sort of post from artists, especially at their level, it’s a sign that the track is already done and it’s a way to drum up hype. Ingrosso has also reshared Tedder’s initial story, albeit with only a heart emoji.

We can probably expect to start hearing teasers for this in the next couple weeks or so and a full release around April or May in time for Coachella or EDC, as festival season goes into full swing.

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