Alfiya Glow Returns With New A/B Side EP “Into the Woods”

Multi-talented musician and performer Alfiya Glow is back with a brand new A/B side EP “Into the Woods.” We were first introduced to her violin playing skills and production prowess back in 2021. Not only has Alfiya made her name performing at festivals such as Electric Forest and SXSW, she’s also performed at world renowned concert halls such as Carnegie Hall and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The A-side of “Into the Woods” features bright, shimmering synths and an uplifting chord progression accompanied by Alfiya’s masterful violin playing. The vibe of the track is supposed to be encountering a fairy in the woods. The light violin plucks accompanying the light synth progression give the track a light and air-y feel to it. It’s definitely a vibe I would want to feel before going deep into the forest.

The B-side is Joshua Moreno’s Midnight Mix of the track. As the title suggests, it’s a much deeper and darker sounding tune than the original mix. That being said, the Midnight Mix might be an even deeper trip into the woods. With light hi-hats beating in the background over a pulsating bassline and light kick drum, the Midnight Mix of “Into the Woods” is perfect for late night drive.

Check out the latest from Alfiya Glow, “Into the Woods” out now on Luscious Vibrations.