Aussie Breakthrough Artist Arky Waters Drops Mesmerizing Breakbeat Single ‘Hercules’

Aussie emerging artist Arky Waters continues to make a splash with his distinctive fusion of breakbeat and tech-house electronica. Following the acclaim garnered by tracks like ‘Take My Time’ and ‘Gum,’ Arky Waters has now offered fans another glimpse into his forthcoming four-track EP with the release of his latest single, ‘Hercules.’

‘Hercules’ stands as a testament to Arky Waters’ artistic growth, seamlessly blending powerful beats with intricate production elements. The track represents a significant evolution for the artist, serving as an enticing preview of the EP’s potential. With its captivating soundscapes, ‘Hercules’ further solidifies Arky Waters’ position as a forward-thinking presence within the electronic music landscape.

“I was running through some samples and came across this huge vocal, I slapped it on a breakbeat and it sounded massive. It carried so much spirit and energy. The track came together pretty quickly after that. It just screamed massive desert vibes so I just went with it – I’ve been trying to let go a bit more and allow the songs to form themselves. I reckon it’s the perfect dune-core song.” ~ Arky Waters

Listen below!