BIG VENTI Delivers a New Sound to EDM with his SoCal Style on “ByThe Way.”

BIG VENTI’s electrifying masterpiece “BY THE WAY” shoots straight to the top of the iTunes Dance Charts, claiming the coveted No. 1 spot.

Hit the road with the smooth beats, irresistible synth melodies, and the unforgettable vocal style of LA’s BIG VENTI. This rising star brings a fresh
and daring fusion of EDM and Hip Hop that will have you hooked from the first listen. What sets him apart is his ability to infuse his own unique style and sound into each genre he explores.

With his infectious melodies and warm vocal tone, BIG VENTI delivers a captivating and passionate sound. Drawing inspiration from multiple
genres, he has forged his path as a versatile music artist.

Step into the world of BIG VENTI, and you’ll find a true fashion icon rocking fresh shades, and custom Party Hills Apparel fits that elevate his
recognizable image. But it’s not just about looks. His persona is magnetic and endearing; whenever he enters a room, good vibes accompany him. BIG VENTI’s presence is larger than life; his music reflects that -it speaks volumes.

His latest project, “BY THE WAY,” is an EDM album infused with the sounds of Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Avicii. It brings a refreshing dance vibe with a modern twist that elevates the genre.

The way Big Venti mixes EDM and rap suggests an evident influence from DJ Khaled, as the album has that same party-starting energy. With many
different approaches, from piano-led-house to the driving pulse of Detroit techno, he does it all and well. The kaleidoscopic array of colors draws from the nightlife, as each track is colored with a distinctive neon hue. Production embraces the immaculate as the album is mastered to perfection, allowing every note to be fully felt.

An escapist attitude reigns supreme on the title track and opener, “By The Way.” The vocals present many approaches – from the classic dance duet

to the staccato flow that punctuates the rest of the song. The lead melody is a driving force in the track, with the chords possessing an undeniable richness. Adding another dimension to the recording, the breakdown feels seductive, with the allure of both vocalists surrendering to the beat.​

“Sunset Strip (EDM Remix)” goes right for Los Angeles glamour. BIG VENTI’s double-time flow in his rap verses perfectly complements the instrumental’s upbeat energy. His clever word choice throughout the song radiates a sense of freedom and liberation.

The ambiance of “They Don’t Know” offers a respite from the heavier tracks. While there is an infectious bassline that rolls through, it has a
lighter, mystical philosophy. Deep in the tropical flavor of the sound, elements of chillout room legends like the KLF and the Future Sound of London rise out of the atmosphere. As the style continues to evolve, we can expect to hear even more innovative and exciting music from this artist.

Catchy melodies get infused into the rhythm of the dub-influenced “Coachella.” A panoply of different layers gives the track a psychedelic swirl. Deep in the sound, he lets the view of the temporary autonomous zone, or “TAZ,” take over. BIG VENTI wants to live in a dance environment which adds to the communal quality. Vocals cascade downwards, washing over the listener, giving the song a peaceful, meditative aspect behind the addictive groove.

Deep house elements go for a heartfelt, gospel-like aspect on “Stitches (EDM Remix).” The amount of name-dropping and outright displays of
luxury gives this track a profound swagger. A nuanced intersection of contemporary hip-hop meets pop meets EDM is fully displayed. With this hybrid approach, the piece contains a wide swath of emotional states, never content to settle into one. This combination results in a sound that is both current and timeless.

Idealism reigns supreme in the yearning for “Utopia.” Taking the essence of the utopian dream of a better life, happiness runs through it. BIG VENTI’s
passionate vocal delivery especially stands out on this track.

Ending things with a sheer blast is the sweat dripping off the walls’ bliss of “By The Way (Club Mix),” which ties together all that came before in a final
rush of electronica. The club mixes lives true to its title.

With “BY THE WAY,” BIG VENTI demonstrates his prowess in combining EDM and rap influences, resulting in an album filled with timeless beats and unforgettable flow. The electronic beats of EDM and the punchy production provide the perfect foundation for the rhythmic flow of Hip-Hop
attitude. With its daring fusion of EDM and Hip Hop, the song reflects the city’s diverse and eclectic music scene, making it a perfect anthem for the
SoCal party-goers. “BY THE WAY” is a thrilling ride that ignites the senses and leaves you feeling as vibrant and alive as The City of Angels. “By The
Way” presents the undaunted dance floor power of Big Venti in delivering banger after banger with gleeful abandon. With so much talent on tap, it’s no wonder that BIG VENTI is quickly becoming