Fejká Offers Mesmerizing Remix To Thylacine’s Single “Polar”

Since his debut album Transsiberian, Thylacine has developed a taste for composing through travel, an initiatory project that led him to compose during his journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The album that allowed the young prodigy to make a name for himself on the electronic scene and the music world at large. With the aim to combine music and image and make the listener discover his universe through travel, Thylacine has continued to carve out his own path, on his own terms, in his own style, earning legions of dedicated fans and followers along the way.

Now, he’s tapped another phenomenal producer Fejká for remix duties on his smash single, “Polar“. It’s a beautiful journey from start to finish, packed with hypnotic progressions, entrancing melodies, and a thumping back beat. It’s an ethereal remix that showcases just how talented Fejká while also paying homage to the original.

Here’s what Fejká had to say about it:

“I deconstructed the original first and kept the most interesting parts for me: the vocals and a synth melody which appears later in the track. Looping the groovy synth melody gave me a hypnotic feeling, the longer I listened to it the more ideas started to sparkle. With the chord progression coming in later I wanted the atmosphere to slowly shine in, like a whole of sunlight beaming through a wall of clouds, making the hole bigger and bigger. I decided to use it as the base for my intro and build an evolution of atmospheres around it. I used a Moog sub 37 and Juno 60 for the bass and top leads and digital instruments for the atmospheres. Those digital instruments are heavily processed with space echo’s, delays, bitcrushers and reverb.”

Listen below!

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