fknsyd Unveils Debut Mixtape ‘Taste.test’

Having worked with many of the greats in electronic music, such as Hex Cougar, Slander, RL Grime, and Rezz, the talented and rising artist fknsyd has a rich topline that never loses its flair. 

Her debut mixtape Taste.test has just arrived,  the debut EP for this talented artist that rises beyond the typical toplines she’s been known for. It’s a thrilling experience from start to finish, as fknsyd weaves alluring melodies and mysterious auras throughout each song, paired with breathtaking vocals.

A few standout tracks for us are “First Thing In The Morning,” showcasing light dnb effects as her vocals offer a sedating effect. “I Wanna Be Your Girl” is a little more upbeat, lending towards the commercial side but no less effective with it’s appeal.

“Taste.test is a compilation of songs I made over the last year or two. With my personal music I do everything myself, and I don’t feel overly confident about most of the skills involved in that process. As much as I’d like to only share things I feel completely satisfied with, I don’t think it needs to be that serious, and I realize whatever that standard is for me will be ever-changing. It doesn’t make me happy to stockpile a bunch of music. I admire people who share their art, so to me this is a step in the direction of feeling more comfortable doing that.” – fknsyd

Listen below!