G Jones Announces He's Pulling Off Dancefestopia In Interest Of Safety

Earlier today, G Jones called out festival Safe Haven for potentially putting its attendees at risk. Someone in the replies then asked about his planned appearance at Dancefestopia in September and he said, “Some people have asked if i’m still playing events i had scheduled pre-COVID, and unfortunately i can’t give a specific answer for each individual event yet but i definitely will not be playing ANY crowded music events until it is safe to do so.”

Now, five hours later, G Jones has officially announced that he’s pulling off the Dancefestopia lineup.

“Since the pandemic began, I’ve been very clear with my team that I am not going to play any event that could pose a risk to community health and have not added any shows to my scheduled since the pandemic began. It’s a slightly complication situation with shows that were booked and contracted pre-covid, because a lot of promoters are still figuring out whether they are going to reschedule shows. Generally, our plan was to wait and see whether promoters planned to reschedule festivals before pulling me from the lineup. As of right now, Dancefestopia has stated that they’re not rescheduling, so I’m pulling off.”

He referenced more than the inherent risk that attendees might be putting themselves at, the further risk that they might transmit it to someone who’s at even more risk.

Must Die!, tagged in the replies, also said that he won’t be performing at DFT. Read G Jones’ full statement below.