House Music Queen Crystal Waters Unveils 3rd Set of Remixes ft. Todd Terry, David Morales for “2B LUV”

There few artists quite as iconic as Crystal Waters. She’s been a trailblazer since 1991, landing thirteen Billboard #1s, while also continuing to be one of the most sampled and covered artists (see Coldplay’s cover here). She has her very own radio show, I Am House, that’s syndicated to SiriusXM, and every new song she releases finds its way into the sets of today’s biggest DJs.

Given her success, you can only imagine that anyone she asks to remix her music would be artists of immense talent. Well, we’ve been given a beautiful gift just in time for Valentines Day, in the form of mesmerizing remixes from legendary DJs Todd Terry, David Morales, and David Anthony (who also produced the original) for her recent single, “2B Luv”.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite, as each offer their own signature flair that’s entirely irresistible. Morales offers an elegant disco house interpretation. Todd Terry comes swooping in with a profoundly pumpin’ deep bassline, and an infectious digital key-stabbin arrangement. Bringing the package full circle, David Anthony throws his hat onto the dancefloor and offers a club throwback for the heads that brings a bit of the old school flair to this modern classic.

I feel so blessed and thankful. These guys are the best in the business. It’s a dream come true.”  – Crystal Waters

Listen below!