Krewella Releases Emotionally Charged 3rd Studio Album, “The Body Never Lies”

It’s only been two years since Krewella’s last album, zer0, but it feels like so much longer. Part of that is probably an effect of the pandemic, which effectively stole two years from much of our lives — another part is Krewella only released three songs since 2020, “Never Been Hurt,” “No Control,” and “I’m Just A Monster Underneath, My Darling,” all of which are featured on their new, third album, The Body Never Lies.

The album was created from an intimate, internal space of Krewella’s self-reflection, exploring impermanence, the oddity of human experience, their relationship to the world around them as women in a male-dominated society. The Body Never Lies title hints at the range of emotions within the LP, with each track as unique and varied as our feelings themselves. “Traces” serves as a haunting opener, quickly followed by a series of heavier tracks, including the drum & bass-inspired “In The Water” and the angry yet touching “War Forever.” Krewella hits a different vibe with the last three tracks, which explore the darker and more tender side of the human experience.

“The clench of a fist, the pit in your stomach, the fluid in your veins; the body is a sensor, messenger, keeper of stories, a fortress of the soul, an instrument of knowing, a rocket ship to other worlds. Every cell, pore, and bone recalls the past, absorbs the present, and senses the future. ‘The Body Never Lies’ is at times an angry, sometimes feverish, but always a euphoric conversation about feeling, remembering, and existing in our individual vessels that encase our soul and memories.” – Krewella

Prince Fox was brought on to mix the album, leaving every track sounding crisp and clear to match the emotional tone and varied influence in each track. Listen below!


Photo via Olivia van Rye