LVNDR.SOUND Release Fantastic Debut LP ‘Lavender’

In 2022, newly-minted, genre-bending outfit LVNDR.SOUND made bold musical statements and embedded its mark on the Denver music scene. Composed of Sunsquabi bassist Josh Fairman, keyboardist/sound design virtuoso Geoff Bremer and multi-instrumentalist Jay.Greens, the electronic trio introduced their blend of future bass, electro-soul, house, and nu-age funk in grand studio presentation.

After releasing 4 singles last year, they’ve now unveiled their highly anticipated debut LP, ‘Lavender’, that is a testament to just how talented these guys are. You never quite know where the song is going, but you can count on the result being fantastic.

Take “Expedition” for example, which starts out with groovy deep house elements, that builds into a whopping electro-infused drop. “Talkin’ Bout It” showcases a more vibey, lo-fi meets dubstep wubs type of sound, that easily mesmerizes the ears.

These guys have proved they can tackle and blend just about any genre, and ‘Lavender’ is a fantastic debut LP for LVNDR.SOUND.

We spent almost three years writing and producing this music and defining our sound. The resulting work of art is the culmination of our experiences, various influences, and areas of musical expertise, showcasing our shared love for dance music, detailed, immersive soundscapes, and unique, creative expression. – Jay.Greens, multi-instrumentalist and producer for LVNDR.SOUND

Listen below!