M.I.A. releases ‘BEEP’ from new album co-produced with Skrillex & Rick Rubin

With the imminent release of her highly anticipated forthcoming album MATA — out October 14 — M.I.A. has shared ‘Beep,’ co-produced with Skrillex and Rick Rubin.

Her ethnic Sri Lankan influence comes through clear as day with punchy drums and those instantly recognizable synths and strings. It’s a little disappointing the song is only two minutes, but as streaming is becoming more constrained by social media platforms like TikTok (though this doesn’t sound much like a TikTok song), we’re not particularly surprised.

As far as Skrillex is concerned, it’s clear he’s still working on music (that Fred again.. collab is still coming), just not really his own. Or, at least, not that expeditiously. It’s been just about three years since he first said he was working on multiple albums, and he said it again just this past May — though, that post has now been deleted.

It’s almost an inside joke at this point that we’re not going to get another album from him. But the general consensus is that, even if we do, it won’t be like the Skrillex we once knew.

‘Beep’ is out everywhere now.