Maddy O’Neal Teams Up With Underlux For Addictive New Single “Here’s To You”

It’s no secret that Maddy O’Neal is an incredibly talented artist and performer, crafting her own unique style of electro soul. She recently teamed up with another genre-bending producer Underlux for their addictive, bass fueled single “Here’s To You”.

Maddy O’Neil and Underlux crafted “Here’s To You” as a tribute to their fans and a musical backdrop for their everyday experiences, whether it’s leisurely walks in the sun or vibrant gatherings with friends. The track’s lively, celebratory, and emotionally liberating style makes it versatile for any occasion, while exemplifying the remarkable synergy and artistic harmony between these two electronic talents from Denver.

This song feels like the perfect summer anthem. It’s bouncy, celebratory and bright. It makes a statement. We are so pumped on the timing and vibe of this tune, just in time for some warm weather and fresh energy. – Maddy O’Neal 

To me this is a perfect example of two artists combining their talents to make a bouncy, head boppin’ track that sits perfectly as a tune that you can dance to, groove to, or get down and bubbly with your closest friends! ” – UnderLux

Listen below!