Martin Garrix & Zedd Go Back To Their Roots On Incredible Collaboration, “Follow”

The long-awaited and highly requested collaboration from Martin Garrix and Zedd has been on the horizon for quite some time, and today it’s finally here — “Follow.”

With a beautiful piano intro that is reminiscent of Zedd’s older chord progressions, the song erupts into a heavily textured, synth-laden refrain before heading straight into the four-on-the-floor drop. Between the chord progression, melody, synth work, and drums, each artist’s identity is perfectly on display with this fantastic collaboration while also making room for singer-songwriter Emily Warren’s sultry vocals halfway through.

Maintaining a close friendship over the last couple of years, the collaboration has been long overdue with Garrix and Zedd talking about doing a song together for nine years. Understandably, the hype around the track started to build massively over the past couple of weeks after serious teasing from both sides. Fans who attended Garrix’s show at Lollapalooza Chile last week were in for a treat, while he premiered the track while FaceTiming Zedd.

As a cherry on top, Garrix will play the track in his Ultra Miami Mainstage set tonight, as the track will surely be a staple track in his sets for the shows to come, while Zedd will treat his audience at Beyond Wonderland with a live spin to celebrate the release.

Listen below!


Photo Credit: Wolf Productions