matphilly and SUBshockers Team Up For Impactful Project: ‘AMP EP’

For artists matphilly and SUBshockers, music goes way beyond the spectrum of sound. For these talented producers, it is a channel for reflection, therapy, and emotion. This is why these friends have come together for AMP EP The project is centered around matphilly’s brother who tragically passed away in July 2020. 

AMP EP is designed to commemorate his life and show the world what an amazing person he was. While AMP is matphilly’s late brother’s initials, the EP resembles his legacy while also touching the heartstrings with thoughtful, genre-bending bass driven tunes.

Taking listeners on a sentimental journey, each song in AMP EP offers new soundscapes and storytelling. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, offering reflective moments along with thundering drops to get entirely lost in the music. It’s a beautiful tribute to matphilly’s brother and an EP that is sure to keep it’s appeal for many years to come.

“My brother was an important part of my life and losing him out of nowhere really changed the course of my life and mental health. So much so that I was going to quit music but I know he would want me to keep going, so to pay tribute to him, I chose my closest friends in SUBshockers. He knew my brother as well and we channeled our energy to pay tribute to his life and legacy. This is something I want the world to see who never met my brother and how important he was to so many people. He’s missed dearly and I hope we did him justice in this project.” – matphilly

Listen below!