Nate Mars Releases Mesmerizing Liquid Dnb EP ‘In Time’

Nate Mars’ is an artist who’s consistently found a way to stand out, partly out of his love for the good ol fashioned analog gear. His music carries the unmistakable pulse of the TB-303 masterfully intertwined with a rich assembly of analog hardware, looped vocals, and an ever-present dark pop sensibility.

We’re thrilled to see that his highly anticipated In Time EP is finally out, infusing inspirations from greats like Moby, The Prodigy, Omni Trio, DJ Krust and 4am Kru into one cohesive listening experience. Sounds reminiscent of 90s rave scene weave throughout yet Mars puts an innovative and fresh take on it all, commanding our attention the whole way through.

Nate Mars pushes his musical boundaries, incorporating song-like structures and laying down his own heartfelt vocals and evocative lyrics in tracks like title track “In Time”, “Starting Over” and “Collect Call From”. These tracks illuminate Mars’s versatility, echoing his deep-rooted love for music and his evolution as an artist.

Over the past few years, I have experienced some great loss on a personal level and it led me to think a lot about the way living beings change over time. It also oddly led me to think about the coordinates of physical objects that once had deep meaning and lived for many years in close proximity to each other but are now dispersed. I wonder if those objects are still connected somehow and if they are somehow affecting the lives of the people who encounter them. These were among the thoughts often running through my head while I was creating this record.”Nate Mars

Listen below!