Never Say Die Announces End Of Black Label As It’s Absorbed Back Into Parent Label

Dubstep, and the whole music industry, has changed a lot in the past seven years. The last year, especially, has forced rapid growth and change in our industry as the pandemic drove new ways of engagement and thinking about how we take things forward.

In light of all the lessons we’ve taken from the last year, Never Say Die has chosen to shelve their heavier sub-label Black Label.

“One of the only positives we can take from the pandemic is that huge strides have been made in genre fluidity, with producers continuing to push boundaries and keep the bass scene moving,” NSD wrote in a statement.

“[…] With that being the case, we’ve made the decision to bring all our future releases back under the single umbrella of Never Say Die Records. We’ll continue to drive forward innovation in bass music and showcase the genre’s very best talent – while retaining the sounds you know and love from both labels.”

One last release is still to come on NSD:BL and it’s sure to be an exciting one. We’re happy for the time that Black Label has given us and we look forward to more from NSD as a whole this year and beyond!


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