NYC’s Prodigy Turns 21 & Hits the Club Scene with New Anthem: ‘Hold On To You’

The heart of New York City is beating with anticipation as Sam Silver, the prodigious 21-year-old artist, steps into the spotlight of the club scene. Fresh off celebrating his 21st birthday, Sam marks this significant milestone with the release of “Hold On To You,” a collaboration with Th3rd Brain that signifies a new era in his musical journey. Currently immersing himself in the creative hub of Los Angeles, Sam keeps the essence of NYC at the core of his brand, infusing his sound with the city’s pulsating energy.

His music promises a feast for ears, blending genres like stutter house, vocal chops, Garage, DnB, and House. His latest release “Hold On To You” pushes the boundaries even further; fusing dance with rap and showcasing Sam’s signature sound that has become synonymous with his name. With a vision to introduce “NY Garage” as a new genre, Sam is not just making music; he’s creating a movement that bridges the sounds of The Big Apple with the iconic vibes of UK garage. In his own words: “With my upcoming releases, my vision is to pave the way for a new genre, “NY Garage,” which is Inspired by the rich musical tapestry of his hometown blended with the iconic UK garage sound,” Silver says.

The song’s seed was planted during a night of exploration in Rome’s pulsating nightlife and absorbing its energy. From there it grew to form a captivating narrative on the complexities of love in a world filled with uncertainty, solidifying Sam Silver as not just a beat maker; but a storyteller. 

“Hold On To You” unfolds like a heartfelt novel, capturing the highs and lows of love’s journey. From flirtation to infatuation and ultimately acceptance, the song mirrors the dynamic twists and turns of life, all set to the infectious rhythm of UK garage.

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