Ren Zukii Drops Thunderous Single “10 Hour Shower” via Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan’s Imprint

Ren Zukii is the moniker of 26 year old West Australian experimental bass music producer Rene Snow – who’s truly carving her own lane in this scene. Her music fits somewhere in between chaotic and emotionally impactful, with unhinged creativity guiding her ever step of the way.

Now, she’s back with a new single “10 Hour Shower” via Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint and the single lives up to the hype. Packed with thunderous bass chords and an electrifying arrangement, Zukii turns this into a colossal main stage banger.

“I wrote this track in a tropical thunderstorm in Sumatra, Indonesia. It rained for 10 hours straight while I was there on a surfing trip, so that’s where the title of the track comes from. I was feeling super inspired to write music while in Indonesia, as I used to live there when I was 16, teaching English in a local village.” – Ren Zukii

Listen below!