Rezz Announces She Is Starting Her Own Label

Rezz has released on many labels, including mau5trap, Deadbeats, and Confession, but she’s now announced that she’s starting her own music label.

If you look through her releases on Spotify, many releases dating back to 2018 have been released under Rezz Music, such as her Beyond The Senses EP in 2019. It appears that around 2020, Rezz Music was under exclusive license to RCA Records. Though, it’s unclear at this time whether she’s regaining sole ownership of Rezz Music and relaunching it with other artists or if she’s doing something else entirely.

As for what music the label will be releasing, she says, “You can already guess.”

Label-branded events will also happen down the road as Rezz will also play the label tracks out at her own shows. Stay tuned for more info.


Photo via Maria Jose Govea @thesupermaniak