Rezz & Deadmau5 Are Finally Finishing A Collaboration This Week

Think back to 2018 — it’s April and someone tells Rezz she should collaborate with deadmau5. A month passes and deadmau5 shares a clip of what could be the collaboration. Another four months pass and Rezz shares a clip of what could be the collaboration… and then nothing for over two years.

It’s now 2021 but the idea of a collaboration between the two is still alive and well, according to some late night tweets from Rezz yesterday. It seems, though, that that first idea never really went anywhere because Rezz mentions that she’s going to “start something.”

Thankfully, through the power of creative vibes sent from fans, whatever Rezz has in mind, deadmau5 likes, and she’s going over to his studio this week to finish it.

To say this is a long time coming feels like an obvious cliché, but it really has been. Stay tuned to hear more about this collaboration as we receive eventual teasers, clips, and more info!