Rich Delinquent Returns With Simmering Emotronic ‘Here’s To Dystopia’ EP

Rich Delinquent has been making waves across the pop and electronic spectrum for some time now. He’s an elite artist, handling songwriting, vocals, and production on all of his songs as he’s carved out an impressive niche for his sound among his global fan base who he refers to as ‘Delinquents’.

After releasing a string of singles such as “Chica Diablo” and “Speak Up“, Rich Delinquent revealed they were part of a larger EP that would feature two additional songs, ‘Here’s To Dystopia’, out today and may be his best work yet.

The EP begins with its title track, which features Riley and delves into the haunting themes of societal disillusionment and the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on mental health. “Stop, society has let us down. Stop medicating until we drown. I will only sabotage myself… Here’s to dystopia, we’re in control of ya.” Rich Delinquent fearlessly calls out the issues plaguing society and the detrimental effects of overmedication.

Concluding the EP is the infectious pop anthem “Where’s the Exit,” a joint effort with the emerging Australian band Lakelend. Exploring themes of longing, irresistible desires, and the precariousness of falling in love, the track is characterized by its captivating pop beat and moody melodies.

When you find yourself diverging from society’s expectations and start embracing the chaos within, it’s time to fully embrace it. Introducing “Here’s To Dystopia!” – a four-track EP crafted to help you connect with your inner Delinquent.” – Rich Delinquent

Listen below!