Seasoned DJ/Producer Feint Embraces Independence with Authentic Release ‘Farcall’

After more than ten years of shaping the drum and bass landscape, Feint once again redefines his musical journey with his latest endeavor, “Farcall.” Opting for an independent release route for the second time in his career, Feint embarks on a new path that showcases his unwavering commitment to innovation and artistic freedom.

“Farcall” is a testament to Feint’s mastery over the drum and bass genre, offering listeners an immersive auditory experience that blends smooth rhythms with intricate technical prowess. The track is a reflection of Feint’s deep understanding of the genre’s core, yet it stands out for its unique approach and the personal touch he brings to his work. This release is not just a display of Feint’s technical skills but also an insight into his creative process, making “Farcall” a captivating and soul-stirring journey.

Feint, born Andrew Hu, is a seminal figure in the drum and bass world, with a career that has significantly influenced the direction of electronic music in the UK and beyond. His impressive streaming numbers, including hundreds of millions of streams and a dedicated monthly listenership of 770K on Spotify, underscore his impact and the widespread appeal of his music. Feint’s early association with the Monstercat label marked a pivotal moment in his career, establishing him as a pioneering force in the genre.

His collaborations with artists like Koven, MUZZ, Fox Stevenson, and Laura Brehm have enriched the drum and bass community, bringing diverse sounds and perspectives to the forefront. Feint’s global appeal is evident in his performances at major events and tours, including Liquicity, Rampage, and tours in China, highlighting his international fanbase.

Feint’s discography, featuring hits like “We Won’t Be Alone” and “Words,” showcases his ability to blend emotive melodies with the energetic beats of drum and bass, resonating with audiences worldwide. His journey from an emerging artist to a key influencer in electronic music is a reflection of his talent, creativity, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of the genre.

With “Farcall,” Feint not only continues his legacy of groundbreaking music but also reaffirms his position as a visionary artist in the drum and bass scene. His commitment to exploring new territories and his ability to stay true to his roots while innovating with each release promise an exciting future for his fans and the electronic music community at large.