Spotify Introduces New "Group Session" Feature for Listening Parties

Spotify is connecting friends and family with a brand new group feature perfect for parties (whenever we can actually get together again).

Group Session allows the platform’s Premium users to share control over the music within the same physical space, up to 100 individuals. This allows for listening parties and exploration of musical interests within friend groups.

TechCrunch walks us through the steps to use this feature… First, the host must tap the Connect menu located in the bottom left corner of their Play screen. Then, hosts will be able to invite their guests via scannable code. Guests join by scanning the code. Once everyone is linked in the group mode, all users will be able access controls including play, pause, skip, etc. Users can also add to the queue to collaborate on their very own group playlist.

While most of us are practicing social distancing, this new feature is ideal for families, roommates, and other close living situations. In the future, Spotify may extend Group Session for people not sharing the same space — which, would be great for quarantine.

Group Session beta is available now. To get started, learn more about Spotify Premium here.


Source: TechCrunch