Swerve Collective Creations Drops Impressive 4-Track ‘Swerve Miami Sampler ‘23’ EP + Interview

Whether showcasing music from founder Sean Danielczyk (Seanyy), or other talented artists, Swerve Collective Creations is a collective of labels, and Swerve Radio station. Giving up-and-coming artists the chance to shine, Swerve Collective Creations has already been receiving buzz within the electronic dance music circuit. With his talent, passion, and dedication to his craft, Sean continues to take Swerve to newer and newer heights.

Now, he’s back with the third ‘Swerve Miami Sampler EP‘ and it might just be the best one yet, just in time for Ultra! One interesting note is that the artwork was created with AI through the midjourney bot. Always wishing to set themselves apart, Swerve is embracing this technology and will utilize it in its coming artworks for future releases.

This 4-track EP is jam-packed with high-energy and uniqueness from start to finish. These high-octane tracks will take you on a ride like no other, featuring driving basslines, soaring synths, and irresistible melodies from some of the best up and coming artists: Pejt, Lianju, Aitor Hertz, Bad Habits, Mave, & Langhoff.

Whether you’re embarking on a trip to Miami for MMW or Ultra, getting ready for a night out, putting together your latest playlist or DJ set, or even just looking for the perfect car ride soundtrack, Swerve Miami Sampler ‘23 EP is the perfect solution. 

We also had the chance to speak with the Swerve team, check it out below!

This is your 3rd Miami Sampler EP. What started this in the first place? What stands out to you on this EP?

It’s our Super Bowl at this point.  Coming up as a producer I noticed a lot of labels would do this and it was always such a cool concept. Coinciding dance music with arguably the best week in dance music just makes sense.  So I followed suit.  I love that each year the EP gets better and better with more and more talented artists hoping on the Swerve roster.  This year especially: every single track is a mainstage hit.

How do you decide which tracks to select for the sampler? 

Every year I try and include tracks that encapsulate the vibe of Swerve.  The Miami Sampler’s are capstone projects that showcase our Mainstage sound.  Demos flood in on the daily and about 5-6 months out I’ll start putting some to the side for this specific project that I know will be perfect fits.

What are some of your goals this year with Swerve Collective? How have you seen growth over the past few years?

I’m currently deployed right now, so for the rest of the year the focus is on building a fan base through advertisements, various engagement events like contests and sample pack drops, and further developing our promotion listings.  Less focus on time-consuming release planning and more focus on engagement.  I think Swerve is at a point now where we have a solid roster of talented artists and our discography really shows that.  It’s time to really start putting Swerve on the map.