Who Is Bronson? Odesza Tells All About Their New Side Project

Bronson, the new project between Odesza and Golden Features, is easily one of the most anticipated new projects of the year. Even in spite of everything going on in the world, that musicians are able to continue to collaborate and put out new music is a blessing on its own.

One of the biggest questions about the collaborative project is how it came to be. In a new statement from Odesza, they explain that there was no “specific objective or goal in mind” when they started working together. They did it because they were friends and had a mutual admiration for each other — as they started collaborating, the project itself was able to “take on a life of its own.”

The full album was written and recorded over a period of three years while both artists were touring, so it was done mostly over email, video chat, and trading stems and project files back and forth. Working together helped both artists to expand their own comfort zones and ultimately forced them to become better artists because of it.

You can listen to their first two singles below. The album is out July 17 and is available now to pre-order and pre-save digitally and pre-order the physical LP at the official BRONSON store.