Your EDM Premiere: Get ‘Involved’ With Involver – VovKING’s New Incarnation to Debut on Rampage [Video]

Many may have noticed that there has been a bit of an evolution in Ukrainian producer VovKING’s work in recent years. It’s not terribly surprising, as those artists who are still involved in the Ukraine conflict would have a different perspective after nearly two years of war. The newly minted Involver, however, was inspired to overhaul his brand and his sound because of a dream.

The story behind my new alias is bit weird but cool. I had a dream one night where I spoke with my friend who passed away four years ago from cancer. He told me to start everything from scratch and that “You are Involver,” right before I woke up. I spent two or 3 months thinking about this from time to time and the decided that this was just way too cool. That friend in my dream made a big impact on my music taste back in the days and music was the foundation of our friendship, so even now we are still connected. 

Of course I have new vision now on music and the industry, which I will apply to the new Involver project. Unfortunately there are loads of restrictions now because the war, so I cant reveal this vision to the full extent, but the time will come.

It sounds from these words as if this change is not just a remaking of image, but a whole overhaul of soul for the newly minted Involver, and that fans should get ready for some quite profound insights through his music. To begin this journey, his first single under this moniker, “The Feeling” featuring vocalist Aleva Mae, seems to be at the vertex of both the shifts in the artist’s sound and his identity. A marriage of dancefloor 4×4 and minimal neuro via the snares, the track is an ode to the dancefloor itself, likely a long-lost concept in Involver’s native Ukraine.

Involver and Aleva Mae really set forth to capture that elusive feeling all ravers are familiar with, when that perfect moment hits on the dancefloor where everything is united and deeply felt by everyone. They do this by telling the story of the rave in parts, with the intro and the warmup beat. The 4×4 vacillates seamlessly between a straight and a breakbeat, showing how close they actually are, while snippets of the main melody work to foreshadow the crescendo of the song. Similarly, Aleva Mae’s lyrics seem to be searching for “some kind of feeling,” but as the full track drops after the break, the verse expands and she’s no longer “looking for” the feeling, but holdings it as the music crashes around the audience. It’s visceral and goosebump-inducing, this drop, and anyone who’s had a real rave experience will be picturing that moment and that “feeling” as “The Feeling” hits its peak.

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“The Feeling” was certainly the right choice for a track to announce Involver’s new involvement in the scene. Heavy, heady and full of rave nostalgia, it’s a call to everyone listening to hold that feeling for those who may not be able to experience live during the current times. It’s a portends of hope as well, because as we all know, “The Feeling” will always be there for us. Involver clearly made this song for himself, his friend and those who are in these struggles in the Ukraine and beyond. It’s a beautiful reminder and a beautiful new beginning.

“The Feeling” will drop on Rampage Records this Friday, March 22. Click here to pre-order or pre-save.