ZUSO Releases Downtempo, Liquid DNB Single ‘In The Dark’

ZUSO, spearheaded by Australian producer Gabriel Cuenca, is carving out an exciting niche in atmospheric house music that has begun to garner him a global fanbase. In October 2023, Gabriel teamed up with the Sydney-based collective LOVE CLVB for the release of his single ‘Hold Me.’ The track quickly garnered widespread acclaim, capturing the ears of music enthusiasts and tastemakers globally.

As he ventures into the new year, Gabriel recently unveiled his latest offering, the tranquil atmospheric piece titled ‘In The Dark.’ Featuring the ethereal vocal talents of Californian artist KORA, the track serves as another testament to ZUSO’s exceptional production prowess and distinctive style, expertly blending downtempo elements with a thumping liquid drum and bass groove.

“I wanted to give this song a bit of a dark tone whilst also making it still fun and hooky. It’s written from the perspective of being left in the unknown, whether that’s in a relationship or with someone that’s special to you. It draws upon those emotions with a somewhat gloomy but optimistic feel. I wanted to make it fun whilst also painting that picture and feel, the fast tempo drums and breakbeats make it more uplifting and contrasts quite nicely with that theme. Overall, it was a fun song to write, big ups to Kora as well who sings the lead vocal, her voice really bought the song to life and adds such a hooky layer to the song. Hope you all enjoy it.” ~ ZUSO

Listen below!