22HERTZ released their latest album, “Adrenochrome”

There is a band called 22HERTZ from Toronto that has recently released an album called “Adrenochrome.” They are led by a very talented musician named Ralf Muller. The band combines pop and underground music to create a unique sound. The album is a collection of songs and a revolutionary symphony that challenges traditional music genres. People from all over the world are enjoying their chaotic yet enjoyable musical style.

Ralf Muller was in a heavy metal band called “Point Blank” before starting his music career. He is now a contemporary musical superhero, creating a new type of music that transcends boundaries and challenges the music industry. The album “Adrenochrome” is not just an album release but a call to embrace your inner anarchist in the evolving landscape of industrial rock.

22HERTZ is the architect of a musical revolution. The album “Adrenochrome” is the blueprint for the future of music. It promises to redefine not only industrial rock but the essence of music itself. So, if you love music or are a rebel at heart, join the journey and get ready to experience a new kind of music that will blow your mind.

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